Meet My Frog: Part Two of How My Fairy Tale Romance Joke Turned Into Reality


No one likes starting a story in the middle. If you’re just joining us on this three part blog, click the link to read Part One of How My Fairy Tale Romance Joke Turned Into Reality.

“So what kind of girls are you into?” she asked. He responded “I like blondes, but they have to be smart.” She then followed, “interesting, I love white boys. Tall white boys!”

Now if I could paint you a picture of this moment it would look something like this… a man and woman in their mid twenties sitting on a couch late at night, in the lodge of this cabin like hostel in the middle of beautiful Franz Josef, New Zealand. Recovering from the previous night of partying the way only Contiki does it, the atmosphere is very relaxed and easy going amongst the others hanging out. Now the woman sitting on the couch is definitely smart but she’s no blonde. The man sitting beside her with brown hair and eyes to match isn’t that much taller than her. Even though it was very clear they didn’t tick off the physical boxes of their ideal counterparts, there was clearly a mental and emotional attraction that they both were VERY oblivious to.

Looking back at that evening, nowhere in that one or two hour conversation did I dare imagine that the brown hair, brown eyed, Australian guy I just met a day or two prior would be the man I’d fall madly in love with over the next year.

I am an absolute believer of love at first sight but in this story that was not the case.

Having been on holiday in New Zealand for a week or so, we finally made our way to the South Island and stopped at Christchurch to drop off a few travellers and pick up a couple of new people joining the tour. As my friend Kelly and I got off the bus and dashed to the toilet we noticed a few dudes sitting at the bar who caught our eye. As we came out of the pub and said our goodbyes to those people parting, I noticed those same guys from inside were all of a sudden standing near us.

Both Australian, one was very tall, blonde and blue eyed with a surfer physique, while the other had brown hair, brown eyes and not as tall as blondie. They both looked lost and scared for what they were about to get into so my inner socialite decided to walk over and ask if they were the new guys on the tour and introduce myself. Now when this story is retold today, apparently the first thing out of my mouth after that intro was “do you guys like to party?” I however am pretty sure that’s not what I said but none the less Mr. Brown Hair Brown Eyes wrote me off real fast as a rowdy American because of it. Apparently American party girls weren’t his type.

63222_10102546800637953_1561086345_nAs the new guys got acquainted and we made our way to our next destination the girls on the bus already started calling dibs. Frankly that’s not my style but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in these boys’ stats. I remember a specific conversation with one of the girls where she told me she fancied the guy with the dark hair and I told her “hey girl he’s all yours, I’ll make friends with Blondie.”

Now if you haven’t figured it out by now the guy with the brown hair is my Aussie half Javed. Blondie, also known as Nick, was not only too young for me he definitely was not my type. Javed on the other hand was really easy to talk to and we got along well. With that said that’s all it was, we got along well. I’ve always been “one of the boys” so getting in well with our new comers was nothing out of the ordinary for me. As days passed and we were relaxing during one of our stopovers in the middle of nowhere one of the girls asked me “what do you think of Javed? I think he fancies you.” I responded, “He’s alright but he’s not my type” and that was pretty much the end of that conversation.

Welllll.. the next day after our group started trickling home from a night out at a pub in Dunedin, Javed and I were the last ones standing and enjoyed our evening just the two of us dancing the night away. The other way to my heart besides food… a man who can keep up with me on the dance floor! In the days to follow both of us realized there was something more than easy speaking and we really grew to enjoy each other’s company throughout the rest of our time in New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 2012

Of course this cute little love story would begin to blossom at the end of our trip. The good thing was I was still in the middle of my travels and was on my way to Australia for the next two and a half weeks to travel up the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns. Javed made his way South to Melbourne to spend the holidays with his family which is the opposite direction of where I was going. While I began yet another Contiki adventure we managed to keep in touch every chance we got. As Christmas and New Years passed, Javed was ready to fly back to Queensland and I was enjoying my last week in Australia. The last leg of my trip was up North in Cairns and someone decided that instead of going straight home he’d fly up to Cairns as well to join me for my last weekend in OZ.

Talk about flattery. I made sure I cleared my itinerary so that we could spend the whole weekend together. At this point it was all new to us still so when he came over to my hotel I was greeted with some serious awkwardness. I opened the door to my room and for whatever reason he jetted right past me and ran straight to Kelly and greeted her with a huge bear hug. I was confused. He eventually snapped out of that quirkiness and we all went out to enjoy the evening on a nice pub crawl.

The next day is when it gets romantical.

Javed hired a car and drove Kelly and I an hour North on a scenic drive to Port Douglas for lunch by the water and an afternoon at the beach. Having only got to know each other while on holiday and on tour amongst our new friends we had yet to go on a proper first date. Javed being the old fashion chivalrous man that he is set up dinner at a nice Italian restaurant by the water and whisked me away for what was truly the beginning of a new relationship. Dinner was fabulous and some of the best Italian food I’ve had in Australia to date. We topped it off with a drive to a gelato shop to continue with the Italian theme. This was our last night together before I made the absolute final decision that I would move to Australia like I had intended so I had no idea when I’d see him again.

surfersThe next day came and it was time to go. Javed and I had the same flight into Brisbane and then we’d say our goodbyes as I caught my connecting flight to Los Angeles. I tried everything in my power to change my flight and extend my trip by a week or so but let me tell you it is not easy when you book through a third party. Javed walked me to the international departures and we did that cute but lame mushy huggy thing.

I’m not going to lie it was really cute and just like it happens in the movies.

This time it was VERY obvious to both of us that we weren’t ready to say good bye. I think we attempted to say bye maybe fifty times. With my boarding time approaching, we finally parted ways and I made my way down the escalator waving bye like a smitten nerd the whole time. Javed looked over the rail and waved me goodbye one last time as I disappeared into the security lines not knowing when we’d see each other again.

Now of course this tale doesn’t end here. I moved to Australia after all….

Have you ever experienced a holiday love story? How did it work out for you?

Please comment and share below. I know I’m not alone on this.

Come back and visit soon for the third and final part to this chapter of our story.


8 thoughts on “Meet My Frog: Part Two of How My Fairy Tale Romance Joke Turned Into Reality

  1. Really enjoying this series. I met my current boyfriend conventionally although after getting to know each other as friends, we made plans to travel together. Ballsy, but we had an amazing first date/romantic trip in Italy. As with you, I had no idea what would happen afterwards, but we totally did the same sort of romantic goodbye you see in movies at the train station before I continued backpacking solo through Italy. That’s almost two years ago and now we live/travel together as expats in Europe.


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