What A Stud: A Lesson On Hope and Persistance

Two days ago I lost one of my favorite everyday earrings on my way to work. I was pretty bummed because my ears are quite sensitive to cheap metals so I just can’t pop on any old pair to replace them. I also bought them in the US so I was double bummed because replacing them wasn’t going to be cheap. Affordable, but not cheap.

Anyhow, for the last two days on my walk to and from work I have been scanning my path like a hawk knowing it was sitting in a sidewalk somewhere waiting to be found. I refused to give up because I just knew it had to be somewhere in between my home and work.

Well my happy ending came sooner than expected this morning as my efforts paid off and I was reunited with this stud (ha, see what I did there).

I am over the moon elated right now. You know that moment when you see someone walking around wearing a silly grin and you stare and wonder how someone could be so happy at 7:30am? Yeah that’s me! The lesson here is hope and persistence go hand and hand. Seek and you sha’ll find. It’s pretty much my motto of life.

It’s these kinds of moments that constantly remind me that even the small accomplishments in life could be as equally rewarding and gratifying as the big ones. For this I am thankful. Happy Friday!

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