About Val


Well hello there and welcome to ValeriFonseca.com! I’m Valeri (obviously) and I’m a thirty something year old Los Angeles native who quit my corporate job (twice) to travel, learn, inspire and follow whatever it is my constant changing heart desires. I now reside in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (because who wouldn’t want to live here) and am officially an Australian Permanent Resident (shout out to the government for letting me in).

Typically this is where I write a spiel on how I got to creating this blog but let’s face it, this is my third time “rebranding my blog” and that whole life story thing just isn’t working for me anymore.

This time around I am doing things completely true to my unique personality and I’m not trying to back myself into a niche topic or audience. I just want to talk about all things life, love, travel, the painful joys of exercising and everything else in between whenever I’m in the mood to share, laugh, cry or put something new and exciting out there.

To the followers who have stuck around since my Valeri Down Under days I don’t know how you do it. To you newbies stopping by to see what this woman is all about welcome! I can only hope I’ve said something intriguing to keep you around much longer than just up to the end of this bio. Here we go again guys and gals, except this time theres no bullshit. I’m all in and things are about to get real and personal.


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